Picasso Doesn’t Live Here!

Let me first apologize that I wasn’t able to take more pictures and that the pictures I DID take are…well…a lot like every other week. Anyway!
It was a WONDERFUL day. 🙂 Lovely weather, lots of people and SALES!!!!!! I sold three hats (two berets and a beanie…which people also refer to as caps apparently) and a scarf!!! The lovely red/orange/yellow/cream hand dyed rayon scarf! I also told A LOT of people that I will have stuff posted on my Etsy site this week! Eeep! Which means now I actually have to! Eeep again! haha. I’m actually excited about it.
My father-in-law and I worked the show this week because my mother-in-law was taking my bro and sis in law to a concert and rehearsals in Chatt yesterday. It was a different feel than it has been for the past few weeks because I’ve gotten used to the way my mama in law works. I was a bit embarrassed to give my “sales pitch” in front of my father-in-law because he’s kind of an expert salesman. But I loosened up and did fine after a while. 🙂 Okay, okay. All done talking. Here are the few pictures I took:

I think this was my best set up yet! 🙂
I set up the soap all by myself this time and I think I did pretty good! …I simplified a lot.
Business cards, studio statement, Jill/Sally/Fred/George (we named the styrofoam heads…but I don’t really know which one is which…)
I LOOOVE this scarf. 🙂 I wanna keep it! …But I won’t.
Craft Center booth!!! 🙂 It was so FUN to see some peeps from school!!
Some of their goods.
A couple of booths over was this lovely quilt. I loved this girl’s booth! She displayed all her stuff on beautiful, vintage screens for screen printing. Mmmm! Love it.
One of the most ADORABLE little girls ever! I didn’t even know her but I had to snap a picture. 🙂 She kept saying, “Cheese.” over and over until I took the picture. 🙂

I DEFINITELY need to make more berets since I sold two of them and the two I have left were the first I made and thus not as high quality as the others.

Thanks to Tara for coming to see me!! 🙂

Emma – Fear not. I did NOT sell your beret. It remained safely in the inventory box the entire time. 🙂

I don’t really have a festival lined up for next week but my mom has one she’s going to do at the Art Center in Cookeville. She said she’d put my hats in for me so I still have potential to make some money at a show next week. I will also probably be at the farmer’s market on Saturday.

I’ve got another busy week ahead of me and I’m looking forward to visiting with some friends that are on break and in town from various places. I’m also definitely going to buy MORE YARN at some point! 🙂


One thought on “Picasso Doesn’t Live Here!

  1. hahahaha I am sooo glad you didn't sell it! I will text you on Friday when I get into town if you want to grab coffee of something. It will be around 6:00 p.m. 🙂 can't wait to see you and get my beret!!!!!!

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