Okay, I’m not waffling about anything. But I am waffle weaving! (again) I had more skeins of sock yarn and decided to use them up by making another waffle weave scarf! Take a look:

Hopefully I’ll have this off later this afternoon!


2 thoughts on “Waffling

  1. Can I just say I LOVE your waffle weave!! It's beautiful! Did you koolaid dye these or just buy them variegated? It's super pretty! I made a huge list of stuff I can weave up quickly to try to make some money. How do you find all the craft shows you go to?!?

  2. Thanks!Sorry it took me a couple of days to reply! I bought this yarn from Hobby Lobby on clearance. Sock yarn is generally space dyed to create stripes while you're knitting. It makes irregular plaids when woven and I love it!!As for finding festivals, I heard about a couple of them from other vendors, some I knew about. I also found a list of them somewhere on the Chamber of Commerce website. The one this weekend I found accidentally. I was paying for something in A Rare Find in Cookeville and I saw a vendor application for an arts and crafts festival. I've also googled craft fair in TN or something like that and there are websites with lists of fairs coming up. I'm sure there's something like that for Huntsville or Alabama in general if you don't mind traveling a little.

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