I decided to invest some of the money I made on Saturday back into yarn for more projects! I have been looking forward to my trip to my LYS (Local Yarn Store) all week! They are normally closed on Mondays (and also Monday was Columbus Day) so I had to wait until Wednesday! The anticipation was killing me! But it was worth it. I got some delicious looking yarns!

Goody bag!
Small skein of cotton. It was super cheap and I like the colors!

Since it’s a small skein, it will most likely end up as an accent in a warp, but I’m still excited!!
I love this yarn! It’s a 4(?) ply mercerized cotton. It’s really thick. Kinda like 5/2 cotton plied together…maybe an 8/2 plied together…

Mmmm! The colors are yummy!

Definitely excited to see what I make with this!

This little beauty was also in the clearance bin and will also most likely be an accent in a warp.

Here’s what got me though: Corn fiber. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while but this was the first chance I had to get my hands on some!

I’m definitely looking forward to weaving these skeins up! 🙂 Now if I can just get that waffle weave off my loom…


One thought on “Goodies

  1. Those are some beautiful yarn. I found some great stuff at my LYS but I think I am scrapping the whole knitting yarn weaving idea… that merino/silk blend did NOT work out for me, unfortunately. I am SO glad you have more luck than I do!

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