Noil scarf!

I didn’t think I’d end up getting anything done today because I had very little motivation to do anything at all. But I wound off two scarf warps and finished weaving one of them. I’ve had this silk noil yarn in my stash for a while now…Maybe a year and a half? Anyway, I have used it once before and hated it!! But that was because I was expecting it to be like normal silk yarn. Shiny and soft. This yarn is not shiny. At all. 🙂 Well I thought I’d give it another try and see if it weaves up well. We’ll see after I wash it if it softens up. It’s really stiff right now. Well anyway, here are some pictures:

The blob of warp yarn that all projects seem to start out as.
Tying on!
I chose a loose beat for the scarf to promote softness and drape.
Ahhh natural sunlight. 🙂
I love watching the cloth grow as I wind it onto the beam.
Here’s the cone of yarn! It smells…like noil. haha
My little studio. 🙂 I got to weave with the front door open all day.
Finished scarf! Now I have to twist the fringe.
Oh Tara. I am in LOVE with lens flares now.

Back to twisting fringe again!


4 thoughts on “Noil scarf!

  1. Oh this is so lovely! What a glorious lens flare you captured! Mmm. Gotta love it 🙂 This scarf looks lovely, JoAnna! And I am all romantic about the idea about weaving with the door open. How very loverly 🙂 Look at how productive you were even though you had no motivation! Good job. 🙂

  2. Oh my GOODNESS it softened up! It's drape-y and soft. It's weird it's still kind of…sticky, I guess. But that's probably because it's raw silk. I forgot how much I love and miss silk noil!!! It was 88" long before washing and it's….78" (ish) inches now. Wow. I was NOT expecting it to shrink that much.

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