River Rocks Expo

It’s me! This is what I did the entire day. 🙂
My display.
Soap!! It all smells SO good.
Hard at work.
Our little booth. And the nice cop guy that helped us lug all of our stuff 100 yards or so.
My sweet sister-in-law takes pretty good photos. 🙂 she’s only 13!
Basket of scarves.
I think this beret would look awesome with this scarf.
My sign!! YAY!!!
My mom sent some of her felted purses with us.
Hats. Everywhere.

It was a fun show!! It was a bit of a trial getting set up. We were supposed to have golf carts and volunteers to help us move things. Well…the administration was…no where to be found. So we had no golf cart and no volunteers. The nice cop man from the picture was very sweet and helped us move our stuff and set up our sign (which kept falling on people’s heads while we were trying to set it up….Mos
tly our heads). Anyway he checked in with us about every hour or so to make sure we were still doing okay. 🙂 I ordered business cards from Vista Print on Thursday so I’m hoping to have them by Tuesday of next week. They’re not exactly original because they’re from a company, but I still love them. I’ll post a picture when I get them.

Also I REALLY need to get stuff on my Etsy site!! I gave several people my Etsy site address and told them I’d have work on there in the next week or so. EEEK!! There’s some motivation to take good pictures of my work! 🙂 I’m looking forward to figuring all that out. Also, I am planning on buying some more yarn in the next week or so…Most likely some rayon boucle. 😀 Woooo!! Good weekend. As for today, I am celebrating all things Ben. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HUSBAND! Oh and NOT doing anything that involves heavy lifting. I am SORE all over!

I did finish a scarf yesterday and I decided that it looks kind of like Lucky Charms. hahaha. I have to finish the fringe and wash it but I’ll post pictures soon.


3 thoughts on “River Rocks Expo

  1. Can I just say I LOVE watching you build up your business. It's so interesting! I am glad you had so much fun, sucks that only the cop was there to help- at least he was willing! The set up looks great, so does your sign. I am totally jealous of this business you're making for yourself!

  2. So fun, JoAnna dear! I love the pictures. Those are awesome ones of you weaving, good job Molly! 🙂 I'm so glad this festival went better than last week's. I'm excited to hear about all these official business-y things! Like business cards! And signs! YAY! You will be in Cookeville at a fair next weekend, right? I need the dets on that so I can stop by. And who knows, maybe I'll buy a hat. 🙂

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