Scarf week!

Here are some pictures of the finished scarves that I wove up this week. 🙂 I still have a TON of work to do before the festival tomorrow. I need to wind off warp for the demo loom, dress the demo loom, pick up my sign that I had made (It says Orchard House Studios), price all the new pieces, gather display stuff (styrofoam heads, busts, etc) eeek. And here’s the good part: I have to leave SPENCER at 6:30AM! Which means I have to leave Cookeville at 5:30AM! ugggghhhh….! At least next week I don’t have to be at Picasso Doesn’t Live Here until 7am. And it’s just over on 1st and Cedar. Ahhhhh. 🙂 Okay. Enough whining. Here are a few pictures.

Pile of scarves.
Mmmm fuchsia.
I love these colors. I could eat it it’s so yummy looking!
I’m pretty much in LOVE with this scarf!!! Sock yarn, waffle weave, cushy, soft, wonderful.
This is a complete conundrum. I think this shawl looks better in photographs than it does in real life!. haha.



2 thoughts on “Scarf week!

  1. Scarf week! Like shark week! Oh too funny 🙂 They are beautiful, good luck with selling and demoing the goods tomorrow! And getting up early and all of that. ❤

  2. The scarves are absolutely beautiful JoAnna! The one blue and green waffle weave one is my favorite! I went to the yarn store here in Huntsville today and spent $70 that I am about to weave up. Can't wait to show you!

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