More work

I took a few pictures this afternoon while working on the demo loom. I am completely exhausted and ready for tomorrow to be over. That all sounds a lot more negative than I actually feel. I’m definitely excited, I just don’t know what to expect…Again…Oh and I finally took pictures of the shawl I traded for last week.

Leetle loom. 🙂 The max width is about 18″.

So cute! I can sit on the couch while I dress the loom.

Multi-colored hand dyed warp. 🙂

It turned out soo pretty!

I can’t put my finger on what exactly it reminds me of…Maybe sprinkles or confetti.

Cashmere shawl.

The woman who spun the yarn and knitted it told me that the pattern is an old Victorian pattern called Day flower.

She told me to wear it like this…
But I’d rather wear it like this. 🙂

Gotta get up at 5:20am tomorrow, drive an hour, stop for maybe 30 minutes and then drive another hour. Then I get to set up a booth, weave and be charming all day. Wooooo. I am looking forward to weaving. hahaha.


One thought on “More work

  1. The shawl is gorgeous! I also love the color of yarn for your demo warp. I think sprinkles is a pretty accurate description. I am excited to see the pictures from tomorrows show. Hurry up and get there, sell stuff, and post pictures! Have a great time!!

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