4 turned into 5

I set out to weave 3 or 4 scarves this week. Well…one of those 4 turned into 2 which puts me at 5! AHHH!! OH my GOSH my back HURTS! haha. I’ll survive. I’ll have to take it easy next week though. Here are some picture updates! I still have to take pictures of my cashmere shawl trade, but I literally can’t get off the couch right now. haaaaa….

This warp was pretty long so it became two, short scarves.
I think I’m getting addicted.
It’s just so cushy and warm and pretty. šŸ™‚
Also I love sock yarn…And when it’s on SUPER clearance. Originally $10 dollars a skein, down to $3.50! šŸ™‚

I still have another…20ish? inches on the waffle weave sock yarn one, but I’ll finish it tonight. šŸ™‚ I can’t wait to feel it after it’s been washed!
Oh speaking of washing! I washed the OTHER waffle weave shawl (that I posted about a couple of days ago…maybe last week…) anyway it’s AMAZINGLY soft now! I couldn’t believe it when I pulled it out of the dryer. It is now my ambition to make a waffle weave blanket using that yarn…or sock yarn…I’m so happy!


3 thoughts on “4 turned into 5

  1. That's awesome that your scarves are so soft! I love the variegated yarn. The colors are great! I know how you feel about back pain, my back has been killing me for the past week from sitting at my loom all day and then being on my feet at work. It's totally worth it though!When you buy skeins- how many do you generally get for warp. I always feel like there won't be enough.

  2. I usually just kind of guess. Sometimes I am smart and actually run the numbers. You figure out your number of ends and multiply that number by the length of your warp and then I usually double it if I'm planning on using the same yarn for weft. I had bought sock yarn before and woven with it so I had some idea how much yarn I needed. For like worsted weight knitting yarn (like your average Red Heart yarn or whatever) it probably takes two skeins of the large size. So somewhere around 14 oz. Maybe. Calculating usually works better though. šŸ™‚

  3. Sweet. I just bought a bunch of yarn and calculated how big I could make it based on how many yards I got. Kinda backwards. When I was calculating how many bouts I needed to weave- instead of looking at the number of ends I looked at the length.. I needed 100 ends at 160" each and got totally confused thinking I needed 160 ends. I banged my head on the table a few times for that one, lol.

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