My husband is awesome

Ben and I were talking this morning on the drive up to the farm and he thinks it’s a really good idea to leave my two looms as two, complete looms for now. He also said he really wants to get me a Baby Mac and perhaps another loom too…I could not believe my ears. This was completely his suggestion, not mine. No prompting, no begging. Basically what I’m saying is, I love my husband!! (especially when aliens invade his brain and make him want to buy me multiple looms) I may someday have an actual studio!

Oh also I’ve been thinking about screen printing on hand woven fabric. I’m not really sure how that would look but i’d like to try it someday. I still want to dye and print fabric. But I think my studio may end up looking very different from how I first imagined it. 🙂
Okay NOW I’m going back to work!!


3 thoughts on “My husband is awesome

  1. Wow! Ever since I got my loom I've been day dreaming about screen printing on handwoven fabric! Actually, I was considering doing that for my next project! I suggested another loom to Roger and he laughed. Your husband sounds better than mine 😉

  2. Yeah I had this great idea to weave some really gauze-y fabric and printing stylized poppy flowers on it. 🙂 I started thinking about this morning and i got all excited. Lol. Maybe Roger will let you get another loom after a while. That totally cracked me up! "your husband sounds better than mine.". Too funny. 🙂

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