Good day!

ANY day that involves the arrival of a yarn order is a good day! My knitting yarns came in!! The tracking thing said it wouldn’t be here til Monday but I guess it couldn’t wait. And I’m glad cause I couldn’t either!! 🙂 YAY!!!!

Also, thanks to Tara for getting someone to commission a beret from me! 🙂 I am SO looking forward to making a hat for Haley. (which should definitely be the title of a children’s book, btw)

Ummm…I can’t remember what else I was going to say…hmm…Oh I went to go take stuff out of the shop where I have my work and the lady was like, “Well you’d better get weaving!” She’s right…And I shall. It would be slightly motivating to make more things if some stuff would actually SELL! (some stuff like scarves) Anyway, I need to whip some out here pretty soon. Which means I’m off to my loom to FINALLY finish that waffle weave! I need to wind off a bunch of warp today too so I can just keep tying on. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Good day!

  1. The speed in which you get things on and off your loom amazes me. My rug warp has been sitting on there for at least a month. Now I have to tie on the next one and weave 3 more…

  2. Aww thanks. 🙂 It's a bit different though because I'm weaving things that are 6-15 inches wide and you're weaving things that are like 45 inches wide. Yours is, of course, going to take more time. But you also get something a bit more substantial out of it (To say the least!!) I am impressed that you weren't intimidated to weave something that wide. I think my back would just say, "I quit." halfway through threading the loom. What is your sett, btw? I have been meaning to ask you.

  3. 🙂 Well I guess we're even then. You make a ton more narrow stuff and I do a few huge wide pieces. I am using a 12 dent reed (it's the smallest I got with the loom) and am sett at 8 epi. I can see my hand through the rugs while they are pulled tight but after I release the tension it's pretty dense. Oh and I was totally looking up 6 dent reeds today and they I never realized how expensive they are!! I mean the cheapest one I could find in 45" was $103! Maybe I can get one for Christmas 🙂

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