Weaving again

After a few days (a week?) off, I’m back on my loom. I’m working on another scarf using the sock yarn I dyed yesterday. I have to admit, I’m getting a little sick of weaving scarves. But I realized that I’m still learning a lot. I’ve learned how to be more consistent, my selvages are more even, my tension is more even, I’m quicker at twisting fringe, I feel like my all around craftsmanship is really improving by just cranking things out and learning through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. I also haven’t had any problems with setting yarn at the wrong epi or not knowing how a yarn will behave in a while.

I once asked on Weavolution how to get good, even selvages and one of the responses I got was to just keep weaving. Everyone has bad selvages at the beginning but with practice, they get better. That seemed so far away and hard to do at the time. But I really feel like I’ve improved a lot by simply making more product.

Anyway here are the pictures:

I love the colors! 🙂 It’s looking really good so far. It’ll probably end up being shorter than some of the others because I think I’ll end up running out of dyed yarn. But that’s okay. 🙂 I need to vary up my lengths.

I was reading Reader’s Digest today (my parents subscribe to it and have old copies lying around the house) and I read two interesting quotes. One was, “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” and the other, “Amateurs wait for inspiration. The rest of us just get up and go to work.” Both of these were by actors, but I was thinking that they apply to craft as well. Some days I feel like I don’t necessarily have any inspiration for a project I’m working on. It’s just work. I think sometimes inspiration comes from just continuing to work and work and work. And I love the idea of allowing yourself to make mistakes! I wouldn’t have learned half the things I have if I hadn’t made as many mistakes as I have. You can read back through my blog (towards the beginning of it) and I used to get SO frustrated. (still do. Don’t worry.) but I always tried to remind myself of what I learned from a mistake. Oh goodness! I’ve made so many STUPID mistakes!! haha. Trying to get 3/2 pearl cotton to go through a 15 dent reed? I’m pretty sure I tried to double it at first…hahahaha.

Pretty soon I’m going to re-dress my loom for a different project. I’d like to slowly work my way back up to tighter setts. I’ve been working at 12epi for so long I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have more than 90 ends! haha. I’d love to use some of my tencel and/or silk. I’d like to weave yardage and blankets and DIFFERENT scarves. I’ve been wanting to try weaving plain weave scarves with 20/2 cotton sett at 30epi. I could maybe even sett it looser than that. But that’s about what those gauze-y scarves that they sell…everywhere are sett at…from what I can tell.

There are also some projects in my Handwoven magazines that I’d like to try. Actually, two friends are getting married in December and I have decided to make them something so that will probably be next. I say that because one of the projects in one of the magazines is what I have in mind for them. 🙂
Okay. I should probably go back to work now…
PS: The days are getting shorter…that’s about the only thing that I dislike about fall/winter seasons. I don’t like having so little daylight. It makes me feel like I don’t have enough time to get everything accomplished. I love it during the summer when the sun doesn’t fully set until like 9pm. 🙂



Soooo…I just found out that you can watch Netflix on your iPhone or iTouch. Apparently it’s a part of Netflix Unlimited and the app is free. I’m beyond excited because this means I can have more movie watching options!! …I watch movies on my iTouch when I’m weaving or working on other stuff. EEEEEK!! :)I love having wireless.

Birthday gifts working together!

I got to wind a skein of yarn today using my lovely umbrella swift! I used the lovely, white sock yarn that my brother gave me and dyed it using kool aid. Here are my results:

Beautiful skein of yarn all ready for dyeing!

It looks like a snake! I tried to stripe it in a palindrome pattern in the hope that it will create stripes in the warp. I read about this technique on Weavezine.

After winding into a ball! (Which is really easy to do when winding from a swift!)

I’m SO happy with it!!

I can’t wait to see what it looks like as a warp!
I’m pretty excited. I am so happy and thankful that I have all these wonderful tools now. When I first got my loom last year I had one reed, one shuttle and 6 bobbins. No way to dye yarn, no ball winder to take messy skeins and make them usable, no swift to wind skeins to prepare for dyeing, and no bobbin winder!! I had to wind all of my bobbins for weaving by hand! It was awful. It takes about 30 minutes to wind a bobbin by hand. Anyway, I’m very happy to be on my way to having a fully working studio. 🙂


Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Making berets!! I have enough yarn to make 4 more!

Ben and I have also been busy with farm stuff. We raise grass fed steers for beef and just went to pick 1/3 of the meat up yesterday. We were able to make deliveries to 3 of our customers and will hopefully be able to pick up and sell the rest very soon. 🙂 It’s pretty exciting. Not only have I been able to kind of start my business with fibers but we’re also working on our farm business too. It’s really cool!

Hopefully this weekend or maybe next week I’ll be able to start another project on my loom. I haven’t been home much in the past few days so I haven’t had time to plan what I’m doing next. I DO know that I’m planning on using the leftover yarn from all the berets to weave something though. Not exactly sure what I’ll weave yet because I’m not exactly sure how much yarn I’ll have leftover. 🙂 As soon as I’m done with the hats, I’ll start planning weaving projects. I also have to get that warp off my mom’s demo loom and put another one on so she’ll have something to demo at the Art Prowl! (Which is November 5&6. It’s a Friday and Saturday deal) Anyway, I guess I have a lot to do in the next week or so.

October 28

I finally was home long enough during daylight hours to take pictures of my birthday presents!

That speaks for itself…The book Twill Thrills


And it’s white…so guess what I get to do?!

Umbrella swift!

It’s a Glimakra.

It’s so pretty! And much sturdier than the last one I used.

I’m pretty excited! I get to use my swift to wind a skein of sock yarn to dye! But first I have to clean the house…. 😦


My brother bought me sock yarn for my birthday! (What a sweetie! 🙂 It came in today and I’m SOO excited! Kool Aid dyeing is in my future!

I have to clean the house tomorrow but beyond that, my plan is to dye. (Yeah, yeah, make the die/death/dead jokes. Heard ’em all, made ’em all.) I’m pretty excited about it. 🙂

Okay. I’m going back to enjoying Dr. Who now.

So tired!

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a couple of days. I’m so tired!!! I’ve been at the farm. We are making good progress on cleaning out the shop that we’ll be converting to an apartment. I’ll try to write more tomorrow. Right now I’m eating dinner and going to bed. Good night!