Definite excitement!

It’s been a very exciting morning at the farm!! The electric guys came and we now have power down at our workshop!! Woooooooo!! This really exciting! It means a lot of different things. We can start working on getting the stuff out of the little shop (we have two shops. One is 900ish sq ft and the other one is 2000. Our first house will be the smaller one) anyway so we can start working toward moving out here. Also we can get power to Ben’s parents house and they can supplement their solar power with it which will make life easier. Much easier.

Also Ben and I were talking about scarves and weaving and stuff and he said he thinks right now it makes more sense to leave my second loom as a whole loom and move it out here so that I can have two looms and weave when I’m out here!!! I’m really excited at this thought. I’d love to be able to teach my sister in law, Molly, how to weave. 🙂 she’s 13 and eager to learn. Yay!

Ben and I also talked a bit more about my sampler knitting yarn scarf and why exactly he isn’t crazy about it. It’s really just the colors. He told me that the red boucle scarf I wove a while back (looks like the shawl I wove a little while ago but red instead of gold) was gorgeous and I should make more like that. He likes almost everything I make but it’s great that he’s an artist too because he’ll give me mini crits. That’s one thing I miss about school: getting feedback (positive and negative) on my work. It’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of right there. 🙂 anyway I have to go finish another hat. Such a good day so far.


2 thoughts on “Definite excitement!

  1. I'm so excited for you guys! So do you have power in the big shop or the little [house] shop? I missed that part. I'm also glad for Ben's parents too. And what a GREAT idea to move your second loom out there! That Ben is a smart one 🙂 So exciting! And, its beautiful out. What a glorious day!

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