"Secret Scarf"

Remember this?? It was from my final project in Weaving II this spring. This is woven “moss”. The three of us that were working on this project were a bit devastated to cut up something like 7 yards of this beautiful fabric just to throw it on the ground. I’m getting better about cutting wovens up, but I’m still not entirely okay with it. So as a “stick it to the man” kind of moment, we cut three parts into scarf length/width and each kept one piece. I have not had a chance to wear my “secret scarf” yet because it’s been too warm (Secret because Jeanne told us to cut it ALL up and get over it…we did not tell her we saved scarves for ourselves!).

One of my very first thoughts this morning was, “I am going to wear my secret scarf today!” because FINALLY it’s cold enough for me to wear a wool/silk scarf. πŸ™‚ I’m soo happy!!

Today I was reading my weekly (ish?) Weaving Today newsletter (Put out by Interweave Press…Handwoven Magazine, lots of great weaving books) Anyway, the author was talking about wool gathering and how traditionally it happens in the fall so that you have material to weave with during the winter. One of the things that I love most about the fall (even though it’s not done so much anymore…or at least not in the same ways) is gathering things and preparing for winter. I LOVE that feeling. It’s funny because I am subconsciously “gathering” for winter. I ordered some wool yarn for knitting more hats to sell. I am excited! (as always) I WISH I had more wool that I could weave with. I have a few, small skeins of lace weight yarn and several small balls that I saved from waste at the studio. When I went through my insane tying of thrums obsession at the end of spring semester, I tied several fairly large bundles of wool thrums back together. I’m planning on using them for collapse weave projects. The knots in them aren’t very big at all and if the yarn is going to felt anyway, they shouldn’t even be visible.

So I have collapse weave on the mind. I also have been thinking about weaving some yardage. I was re-reading the Weaver Sews column and I’m considering weaving some tencel yardage. She says in “What to Weave: Part 2” that she setts 8/2 tencel at 36 epi. I have a ton of tencel (like 8 pounds or something) and I think it would make lovely fabric to sew with. I’m still not entirely sure I agree with weaving yardage with no intended purpose in mind for it. But since I have no idea what I’d want to sew with the yardage I’m thinking about weaving, I guess I can’t really say anything. It’s a bit scary to me to think about weaving more than….8 yards at a time of one type of fabric. That’s the most I’ve ever woven. I’ve had a warp that was 11 yards long (and only got three scarves out of it somehow…I think I’m doing my calculations all wrong) but that was three separate pieces on one warp not 11 yards of exactly the same thing. EEK! It’s scary. haha. We’ll see. Right now I’m focusing on getting some more hats knitted for the Autumn Street Fair in McMinnville this weekend. πŸ™‚ Hopefully I’ll be able to sell a lot of hats! If not, I’m sure it’ll still be LOTS of fun getting to hang out with my mother-in-law and talking to people. πŸ™‚ That’s one of my favorite parts of festivals. Anyway, I’m off for now!


3 thoughts on “"Secret Scarf"

  1. Lol, I had never heard your secret scarf story. I love the picture though! I have a ton of very light weight wool that came with my loom but it's all too thin and weak to use as warp, plus i have the stupid rug warp left on there. I can't wait to see your collapse weave project. I am also excited about weaving yardage! Go make some hats!

  2. You could try using two ends of yarn as one. Like thread two yarns through one heddle. That might make it strong enough to use as warp. Collapse weave is so fun! πŸ™‚ and so is kool aid dyeing.

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