Variegated yarn

I did a bit more kool aid dyeing today! I tried something different though. I attempted a variegated skein of yarn. One of them worked much better than the other. I had to put down several pieces of plastic wrap (yes, unfortunately I have to use the plastic wrap instead of zip lock bags) and then I put the undyed yarn on top of that. I then poured the dye over the skein where I wanted it. It was sort of in stripes. Anyway, on the red and orange one (calm down. you’ll see pictures in a minute. haha) the plastic wrap…didn’t work at all…I couldn’t get it to hold all the dye in and it consequently made a mess. Thankfully I at least had the presence of mind to do this failed mess in a pyrex loaf pan.

The green and blue one (just hold your horses. We’re getting to the pictures) worked a little better because I dyed that one second and knew that I needed more than one piece of PW as the base…However, dye still seeped out because it still wasn’t wrapped perfectly. Although I taped it…a lot.

Anyway, here are the results: (Yes! The pictures)

It just went into a dye bath and I didn’t move it at all. Sorry for the poor picture quality. I was being attacked by fruity smelling steam.

This was right after rinsing! It had much more variation than I thought it would.
All taped up.

Look at those purty colors. 🙂
Here’s the red/orange one.

Here’s the blue/green one.

Both skeins together in the dryer.
Anyway, I’m pleased with the results. 🙂 Now to ball them up and get knitting!

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