Busy weekend!!

This weekend did not go how I planned, but it actually turned out okay.

Saturday was a bit insane. Ben’s dad called early Saturday morning saying their van had broken down while trying to get to the Farmer’s Market. We drove over to give them a jump but it turned out that the van has more serious problems than we realized. So from just past the movie theatre (I like spelling it that way) all the way up nearly to Tech, I followed them in my truck and pulled over to jump them when needed. It ended up being about 5 times on the way there.

Originally the plan was for me to go run some errands for Ben and then meet him in Spencer later in the day. Well once I saw the state of the van, (having to be jumped because the battery wouldn’t hold charge and the gear wouldn’t automatically shift higher than 2nd gear!) I decided I should just follow them home to continue the jumping.

So I hung out with my Brad, (Ben’s dad) and Molly (Ben’s sister) at the farmer’s market. After a few items sold out, we had an open space. One of us (I can’t remember who…we all would like to claim this idea was our own) had the idea for me to go grab my bag of felted hats from my truck and put them out for people to look at. Free exposure, right? I wasn’t expecting to sell ANY. It turned out people apparently really like my hats. (Yes, Ben’s fam. told me this after the Mountaineer Festival…I didn’t understand.) I ended up selling THREE hats!! I definitely was NOT expecting that! I mean, it’s a FARMER’S MARKET! And hats aren’t vegetables…just in case you’re wondering. I had several people ask to see if I would be back next week with the hats.

Actually, next weekend I will be in McMinville with my mama-in-law at the fall street festival. (I can’t remember its actual title…) It should be a good show. From what we’ve heard, they are expecting somewhere around 17,000 people to come through. Apparently I need to get knitting! I’m down to like 15 hats! My goal is to knit at LEAST 4 more before the weekend. Anyway, it should be a short and sweet show. It’s from 9-5 on Saturday and I’m looking forward to it! The following weekend there’s a show called River Rocks in Chattanooga that we are also hoping to go to. It’s a three day event. I will probably have to take everything out of Art a la Carte though. (Since not much is selling there…) Anyway, it’s exciting! Dana (Ben’s mom) and I are planning on doing as many craft shows as we can get into. There’s actually another one next weekend that’s somewhere else, but since we’re already committed to McMinville, we won’t try to get into the other one. I’m hoping maybe at some point we can get into a First Friday event in Knoxville. That would be fun!

Well I’m off to order some yarn, go to work and spend the rest of the day knitting…and perhaps weaving. I’m working on another scarf that I tied onto the honey colored shawl warp. I’m using Simply Soft knitting yarn which has quite a bit of drape. Fingers crossed that it turns out well!


2 thoughts on “Busy weekend!!

  1. Wow, sounds like a crazy weekend! I'm so glad you sold some of your hats! That's totally awesome. I can't wait till I have product to sell. Have fun crafting all day!

  2. So fun! I like this sentence, "And hats aren't vegetables… just in case you're wondering." 🙂 Love it. So fun! I'm excited for your craft shows coming up! I have heard about these First Friday things in Knoxville from my seester. She must know if you end up doing that! So cooooool! ❤

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