Picture Update!

Here are some pictures I’ve been taking! Some from the farm and a few of what’s on my loom.

Bought a round bail feeder for our cows. It looked hilarious in the back of the truck.
Goats!! 🙂
They’re hilarious. They stick almost their entire head into the bail.
This is Pickles. She’s the resident idiot of the herd and we love her. 🙂
Workers drilling for our power line pole!!
Passion fruit on the side of the road!
Look pretty but have no flavor. (Yes, I tried them)
Yellow is such a happy color.
We only got about 4 apples. Here’s one at the top of the tree!
Winter(?) squash. I can’t remember what kind it is…
Royal Burgundies! They’re much like green beans but healthier because of their pigment.
PUMPKIN! I’m SO excited!!!!
We have a pumpkin patch!!
This is a lufa! You wait til they dry out and then skin them and cut them up.
Gourd. 🙂
Getting ready to be a shawl.
Just have to tie onto the front!



2 thoughts on “Picture Update!

  1. OHMYGOODNESS this lady showed me a loofah plant thing at the farmers market and I was like, "WHAT!" I had no idea they grew like that. I thought they grew on exotic islands, not in middle Tennessee! So cool! PS. I also love all your pictures.

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