Weaving, knitting and tea

I wound off the warp for the shawl last night but unfortunately I’m at the farm today and consequently will not get any weaving done today.

Instead I have started a knitting project. I’m getting a little sick of making hats so I’ve started knitting squares for an afghan. 🙂 yay!! I’m using the yarn that I was going to weave a blanket with. I like the feel of a knitted afghan. I’m still going to try weaving with the Simply Soft stuff. Ben asked me why I wanted to weave with knitting yarn and I said because it’s easy to get, cheap and weaves up fast. There isn’t much of a downside.

As I am knitting I am drinking herbal, orange tea. It’s much better than the last time I had it. But last time I put too much sugar. Ick! Ha ha. Anyway tomorrow after work I am spending the rest of the afternoon working on my loom!! …and watching Hoarders on netflix. 😀

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