Stumble Pics

Here’s a few pics I’ve found on Stumble lately:

I love sheep…I can’t wait to get some!! (Yes, that’s happening someday)
These two are TOO cute.
This one is also too cute.
I’d LOVE to sit here.
Poppies. Yes, please.
Beautiful red leaves + Beautiful antique door = Happiness.
I rarely like the color purple/violet, but this was very eye catching…

Not much, but it adds some color to my day. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Stumble Pics

  1. AHHHH I can't wait till you have sheep so I can come love them! Haha. I've only met one sheep in my life, and it was hard to meet him because he had a name and I knew the owners were planning on eating him. His name was Ta'im which is Hebrew for "tasty." lol.

  2. Tara – Aww! I want you to come love my sheep too…even though I have none as of right now…I'm still looking into Shetlands. We will probably keep a small herd for wool and then some of them will be eaten…We won't name those ones.

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