Lovin' the 6 dent reed

As much as I love weaving with tiny yarns like 20/2 cotton or silk, I must say I truly love weaving with open setts and thicker yarn because it weaves up SO FAST. I got an idea while surfing Weavezine and Weavolution. This shawl was on an add for Cotton Clouds yarn company:

Okay, this is actually woven using Bambu 7 yarn from Cotton Clouds. It’s a shawl/scarf kit. I don’t have the money to buy a kit and I don’t really need to. This lovely shawl is woven at 6epi and the finished measurements are 14″x72″. I  have a boucle yarn that looks very similar to this and I think it would be fun to weave. It’s woven in a 2/2 twill which I think looks LOVELY with this yarn! I’m not really crazy about simple twills. They are too…I don’t know…Too linear? I’m not really sure. But I like it with this yarn because it looks less linear. If I made it 15 inches in the reed, it would only be 90 ends. That’s it. If I made this same piece in a 20/2 cotton, it would have to be at LEAST 450 ends. (That’s calculating 15 inches in the reed by 30epi) Now if only I had more time today to sit and work on my loom…


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