Blogging from my iPod.

I am currently at the farm with wifi but no computer access. Okay, I could use a computer but when I’m here I generally just use my iPod Touch because it’s easier. Anyway I decided to check for an app that I could blog with and I found one! Yes, I know. No surprise there. Anyway I’m excited. I can’t put pictures in as far as I know but I shall experiment and find out.

So I was a bit disappointed with the result of weaving with knitting yarn. It just looked…cheesy, for lack of a better word. Colors were pretty, selvages were okay-ish but I don’t think i’d want an entire blanket made from the stuff. I want to try another sampler using Caron Yarn’s Simply Soft because it’s less… Acrylic feeling. Ha ha.

I’m not really sure what I’m doing next. I think…I need to start sampling. Eeeewwww! Ha ha. I’ve known all along this was coming but I’ve been ignoring it. I think I actually WANT to now though. It would be very helpful to have samples of things. Maybe not in a notebook because I hate the idea of cutting up a beautiful piece of woven fabric so I can glue it to cardstock and file it away. I got a Handwoven magazine a couple months back that was all about sampling and then using the samples for a purpose… Like pillows or coasters or placemats, etc. I think I need to do this with most or all of my yarns so I’ll know the proper sett and if a pattern works well with it or not. Now I just have to figure out where to start… šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Blogging from my iPod.

  1. Yuck, I always feel like sampling is a waste of time but if you actually use the pieces for something it's worth it- it's probably always worth it according to Jeanne, lol. I had a blogging app but I couldn't add pictures either so I just gave up and use my comp now.

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