Sampler!! …Scarf??

I finished my sampler using knitting yarn!! Wooo! Here’s some pix:

 It looks way softer than it is…But I haven’t washed it yet. I kinda like it, but I feel sort wrong saying that because I’m pretty sure a 1st grader could do this without any trouble. haha. It’s like uber craft-y feeling. (Note: craft-y in my mind is the category that puff paint, glitter, cottonball sheep, craft glue and Elmer’s glue go into) Anyway, now I’m not entirely sure I want to make a blanket. 
Okay…Lemme explain. “No there is to much let me sum up…” -The Princess Bride. Seriously though. At various ages, my grandma made each of the grandchildren a blanket. She either crocheted or knitted them. (I think mine is crocheted) Anyway, so we’ve had these lovely afghans around for my entire life and I love them because they’re soft and pretty and have lovely bright colors. That’s where this idea to weave a blanket using knitting yarn came from. I thought, “Well if it can be knitted/crocheted, why can’t it be woven?” Weaving is a lot stiffer than knitting or really lacy crochet. (which is what most of the blankets we have that are crocheted are) Weaving is only really stretchy on the bias. Not so much in the warp or weft directions whereas knitting is stretchy EVERY direction. I guess I’ll wash the sample and see what happens to it. Is there some kind of acid I could wash it in that wouldn’t dissolve it, but would soften it up?? I’ve been contemplating this for a while…You know how acid wash jeans are like ridiculously soft and comfy?? What acid do they use? My thought had been to get citric acid crystals and use that. But I dunno. Okay. Well I guess I’m done for now. 


One thought on “Sampler!! …Scarf??

  1. Haha cotton ball sheep! The citric acid wash sounds interesting. Are you going to try it out? I think the colors look great and I just can't believe how freaking fast you work. I've had my rug 4 inches from being done for like 3 days!

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