Fun weaving!

Now that I’m not working my butt off getting ready for craft shows I’m planning more weaving projects!! The next one I’m planning is a blanket. I have been wanting to try weaving with regular ol’ knitting yarn to see what happens. Since I got this 6 dent reed now, I’m gonna try it! I have a pile of yarn set aside. I just hope it’s enough. Because it’s only going to be sett at 6epi I only have 288 ends for a 48″ wide blanket. Yes, I could do double weave…I don’t feel like messing with that for this one. I think I will probably do a small sample to check my sett and everything. I’m super excited. 😀 haha.

I told my mom last night while we were all watching a movie, “I feel like I can’t just be sitting! I’m supposed to be making something!” haha.

Oh! I got to see some people from the craft center while at fun fest. I made me happy and sad all at the same time. I talked to Kristy who is starting thesis this semester. I told her to let me know when her show is. I also saw several of the wood guys that I know through Ben.

Probably my favorite part of the weekend was getting to talk to the ceramics guy I traded with. I forgot how much I love clay people. I’ve only met like two ceramic artists ever that weren’t nice. haha. My mom talked to one of her ceramics friends that was there about possibly getting our broken kiln fixed. Maybe this winter I can do some throwing!! That would be amazing. 🙂 Anyway, I’m off to wind off warp for a sampler.


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