Fall Fun Fest!!

Here’s a few pictures from Fall Fun Fest. I didn’t have a lot of time on Saturday to take pictures, so these are all from Friday. And the booth looked better on Saturday…Oh well! At least I got some images of my work!

Handwoven messenger bags!
Hand knitted berets. I traded the cammo one with a ceramics guy. I got a pretty sweet looking bowl out of the deal!
Hand dyed yarns, strap and liner. The liner is the same color as the strap.
I love this embroidery stitch on my sewing machine! 🙂
This bag is the one that sold!! 🙂
My mom’s knitted items. All her knitted scarves sold!
Hand dyed silk scarves by Adele Seitzinger (mom). 🙂 Sorry their facing the wrong way…
My hand woven scarf display. Genius idea to roll them up if I do say so myself. 🙂
My pirce tags. I looove how they turned out.
The other side of the booth.
The jewelry section. On the left: handbraided kumihimo necklaces, hand beaded bracelets and hand beaded rings.
Guest book, business cards, silk scarves, etc.
These are soap sweaters! (felted soap…acts like a lufa)
My shelf needed a bit of work. We rearranged it later.

I’m pleased with how everything went this year! I only managed to s
ell one bag, but that’s okay. I think people were a bit taken aback at my prices. Most people in Cookeville don’t understand the concept of handmade, handwoven, hand dyed, etc. The girl that bought the bag seemed quite shocked at the price ($125). But that’s not really unreasonable with hand dyed yarns on a handwoven bag. Oh well. 🙂
All of these items will be available at Art a la Carte in Cookeville, across from the Depot and next to Cream City. 🙂


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