Project in the works

So all this festival craziness has pushed me into making a decision about my studio name. I had to print price tags for all my stuff and I wanted to have my studio’s name on each tag. I can’t remember if I blogged about the internal debate I was having about what to name my studio but I’ve decided on….

Orchard House Studios
The name has several meanings to me. 
1. because of the physical location of where on the farm our house and studios will be: overlooking the orchard.
2. Louisa May Alcott is my favorite author and in the Little Women trilogy the house that the March’s live in is known as Orchard House.
I am very pleased with this name. 🙂 And it makes for some cute price tags/business cards! I have orchard trees as my watermark behind the words. Love it!! 
The decision to use the name Orchard House Studios also pushed me into signing up for an Etsy site. (Something I have been meaning to do all year) I haven’t put any items up yet and don’t know when I will, but I wanted to reserve the name. 🙂 SO! My Etsy site will be Hopefully soon I’ll be able to figure out how it works and start selling stuff! haha. 

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