Epic Blogging Fail

I definitely need to start posting more. We’re like, what, half way through September and I’ve only posted ONCE?! Oy… I feel so busy and yet I also feel like I never get anything done…
I go to the farm 3 or 4 days a week and while I love that, it means I don’t get to do things at home that need to get done. Mostly it’s killing me that I haven’t had time to weave lately! I’m kinda bummed that I only have 5 scarves to sell at Fun Fest. But I also have 6 bags (which I FINALLY finished yesterday!! YAY!!) and 8 hats. All this is at Fun Fest. Then at the Mountaineer Folk Festival at Fall Creek Falls, I have 20 more hats!! I guess I’ve just had more time to knit because it’s portable…Maybe I should get a Schacht Cricket. I really don’t like how rigid heddle looms work, but perhaps it would be a good idea for down the road. I could weave scarves on the go! *lol* It’s adorable anyway and I love that it’s called the Cricket…even though I don’t really like crickets in real life….

Anyway, I’m hoping to sell SOMETHING this weekend. My goal is to be able to pay for my part of the booths.

After all the festivals are over, I am rewarding myself with experimenting on weaving my first blanket. 🙂 I’m planning on just using plain ol’ knitting yarn. Acrylic. *cringes*. In art history last fall a woman in my class came in with some knitting yarn and said, “This isn’t really my color…Does anyone want it?” And it was just me and this other girl in the room at the time. The other girl crochets, I believe…Or at least when Carol asked if anyone wanted an old Crochet magazine issue, she took it. Anyway, she got one skein and I got 2 or 3…I can’t seem to find the third one so I’m not even sure if I GOT a third one anymore…I hate moving. I can never find anything! ugh. Well that and my stuff ended up in three different places. And we had to smash 530 sq. ft of stuff into a 100 sq. ft room. Oh my. haha.

Wow that was a tangent. Back to the blanket. When I bought my second loom (another thing I haven’t had time to work on…converting Mac to an 8 shaft loom) it came with a 6 dent reed. I was SUPER excited. I now have a 15 dent, 10 dent and a 6 dent. I was actually planning on buying a reed that was less closely set before I knew that I was getting a 6 dent reed. I’m super excited about it because now I have a reed that I can use with really large yarn. Also, if you set 5/2 perle cotton at 18 epi in a 6 dent reed, you get this really interesting patterning because the three yarns that are in the same dent group closely, but there’s a small space between the next group of three.

I think my family probably thinks I’m boring (and perhaps slightly obsessed) because all I ever ask for on my birthday is yarn…This year I would like to get a cone of pima cotton from R&M Yarns. It’s an 8 pound cone at $8 dollars a pound. So it’s like $64 bucks or something. Lauren wove a gorgeous M’s&O’s blanket with it last semester and I fell IN LOVE with the stuff. In fact, I think I mentioned this same thing right after she wove it.

Well I’d much rather sit in bed and blog all day (or knit…or weave) but unfortunately I have to go to work. 😦 boo. Only another few weeks and then I’m done with work again.
I’m so looking forward to the weather getting cold. Too bad we don’t live somewhere where we can get snowed in. I think being snowed in and spending the whole day weaving would be wonderful. Of course I’d have a wood stove and tea to accompany me. There I go again romanticizing EVERYTHING. haha.

PS: I didn’t have time to take pictures yesterday of my work, but I plan on taking them today at Fun Fest! I shall post them SOON. (I hope)


3 thoughts on “Epic Blogging Fail

  1. Wow, I think my heart skipped a beat at the thought of getting snowed in and weaving in front of a wood stove. What a great mental picture! Too bad Alabama is even warmer then TN! Well, when we move I'm going to tell my husband that's one of the requirements of our next house- I can just picture him rolling his eyes at me! I can't wait to see pictures of your work and I am interested to learn more about that pima cotton- what is it like? PS I am super happy you're going to start blogging more 🙂

  2. Oh my GOSH! I know. I love that thought! 🙂 We are hoping to move to Colorado sometime next year and live there for a couple of years for Ben to get some woodworking experience as like an apprentice. And…'cause we want to live there for a while. 🙂

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