Definite excitement!

It’s been a very exciting morning at the farm!! The electric guys came and we now have power down at our workshop!! Woooooooo!! This really exciting! It means a lot of different things. We can start working on getting the stuff out of the little shop (we have two shops. One is 900ish sq ft and the other one is 2000. Our first house will be the smaller one) anyway so we can start working toward moving out here. Also we can get power to Ben’s parents house and they can supplement their solar power with it which will make life easier. Much easier.

Also Ben and I were talking about scarves and weaving and stuff and he said he thinks right now it makes more sense to leave my second loom as a whole loom and move it out here so that I can have two looms and weave when I’m out here!!! I’m really excited at this thought. I’d love to be able to teach my sister in law, Molly, how to weave. 🙂 she’s 13 and eager to learn. Yay!

Ben and I also talked a bit more about my sampler knitting yarn scarf and why exactly he isn’t crazy about it. It’s really just the colors. He told me that the red boucle scarf I wove a while back (looks like the shawl I wove a little while ago but red instead of gold) was gorgeous and I should make more like that. He likes almost everything I make but it’s great that he’s an artist too because he’ll give me mini crits. That’s one thing I miss about school: getting feedback (positive and negative) on my work. It’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of right there. 🙂 anyway I have to go finish another hat. Such a good day so far.


Waffle Weave again!

I looove waffle weave. 🙂 It’s such a beautiful structure and really, really easy to weave. It’s woven on a point twill threading with an easy treadling sequence. Yay!! Here’s how it looks in Caron Yarn Simply Soft.

I’m pretty excited! Also I washed my “knitting yarn” sampler scarf and it’s much softer now. Still a bit scratchy but softer. But the weft yarn was itchy so it might feel differently if it was all the same type of yarn. Who knows!

Potential excitement!

I am excited about the upcoming Autumn Street Fair in McMinnville this Saturday! It should be a fun day. I may have a couple of other festivals lined up for the following two weekends, but they aren’t set in stone yet…I’m still excited about it anyway though!! I am looking forward to getting my name out there any way I can. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to figure out exactly how to get my studio(s) really going. I hope everything works out for the other two festivals. But I can’t say for sure that it will. If not, I’m sure we (being me and my mama-in-law) will have plenty of other opportunities for festivals this fall. Just wanted to share my excitement. 🙂

PS: I need more inventory!! EEEKK!!

"Secret Scarf"

Remember this?? It was from my final project in Weaving II this spring. This is woven “moss”. The three of us that were working on this project were a bit devastated to cut up something like 7 yards of this beautiful fabric just to throw it on the ground. I’m getting better about cutting wovens up, but I’m still not entirely okay with it. So as a “stick it to the man” kind of moment, we cut three parts into scarf length/width and each kept one piece. I have not had a chance to wear my “secret scarf” yet because it’s been too warm (Secret because Jeanne told us to cut it ALL up and get over it…we did not tell her we saved scarves for ourselves!).

One of my very first thoughts this morning was, “I am going to wear my secret scarf today!” because FINALLY it’s cold enough for me to wear a wool/silk scarf. 🙂 I’m soo happy!!

Today I was reading my weekly (ish?) Weaving Today newsletter (Put out by Interweave Press…Handwoven Magazine, lots of great weaving books) Anyway, the author was talking about wool gathering and how traditionally it happens in the fall so that you have material to weave with during the winter. One of the things that I love most about the fall (even though it’s not done so much anymore…or at least not in the same ways) is gathering things and preparing for winter. I LOVE that feeling. It’s funny because I am subconsciously “gathering” for winter. I ordered some wool yarn for knitting more hats to sell. I am excited! (as always) I WISH I had more wool that I could weave with. I have a few, small skeins of lace weight yarn and several small balls that I saved from waste at the studio. When I went through my insane tying of thrums obsession at the end of spring semester, I tied several fairly large bundles of wool thrums back together. I’m planning on using them for collapse weave projects. The knots in them aren’t very big at all and if the yarn is going to felt anyway, they shouldn’t even be visible.

So I have collapse weave on the mind. I also have been thinking about weaving some yardage. I was re-reading the Weaver Sews column and I’m considering weaving some tencel yardage. She says in “What to Weave: Part 2” that she setts 8/2 tencel at 36 epi. I have a ton of tencel (like 8 pounds or something) and I think it would make lovely fabric to sew with. I’m still not entirely sure I agree with weaving yardage with no intended purpose in mind for it. But since I have no idea what I’d want to sew with the yardage I’m thinking about weaving, I guess I can’t really say anything. It’s a bit scary to me to think about weaving more than….8 yards at a time of one type of fabric. That’s the most I’ve ever woven. I’ve had a warp that was 11 yards long (and only got three scarves out of it somehow…I think I’m doing my calculations all wrong) but that was three separate pieces on one warp not 11 yards of exactly the same thing. EEK! It’s scary. haha. We’ll see. Right now I’m focusing on getting some more hats knitted for the Autumn Street Fair in McMinnville this weekend. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be able to sell a lot of hats! If not, I’m sure it’ll still be LOTS of fun getting to hang out with my mother-in-law and talking to people. 🙂 That’s one of my favorite parts of festivals. Anyway, I’m off for now!

Variegated yarn

I did a bit more kool aid dyeing today! I tried something different though. I attempted a variegated skein of yarn. One of them worked much better than the other. I had to put down several pieces of plastic wrap (yes, unfortunately I have to use the plastic wrap instead of zip lock bags) and then I put the undyed yarn on top of that. I then poured the dye over the skein where I wanted it. It was sort of in stripes. Anyway, on the red and orange one (calm down. you’ll see pictures in a minute. haha) the plastic wrap…didn’t work at all…I couldn’t get it to hold all the dye in and it consequently made a mess. Thankfully I at least had the presence of mind to do this failed mess in a pyrex loaf pan.

The green and blue one (just hold your horses. We’re getting to the pictures) worked a little better because I dyed that one second and knew that I needed more than one piece of PW as the base…However, dye still seeped out because it still wasn’t wrapped perfectly. Although I taped it…a lot.

Anyway, here are the results: (Yes! The pictures)

It just went into a dye bath and I didn’t move it at all. Sorry for the poor picture quality. I was being attacked by fruity smelling steam.

This was right after rinsing! It had much more variation than I thought it would.
All taped up.

Look at those purty colors. 🙂
Here’s the red/orange one.

Here’s the blue/green one.

Both skeins together in the dryer.
Anyway, I’m pleased with the results. 🙂 Now to ball them up and get knitting!

Busy weekend!!

This weekend did not go how I planned, but it actually turned out okay.

Saturday was a bit insane. Ben’s dad called early Saturday morning saying their van had broken down while trying to get to the Farmer’s Market. We drove over to give them a jump but it turned out that the van has more serious problems than we realized. So from just past the movie theatre (I like spelling it that way) all the way up nearly to Tech, I followed them in my truck and pulled over to jump them when needed. It ended up being about 5 times on the way there.

Originally the plan was for me to go run some errands for Ben and then meet him in Spencer later in the day. Well once I saw the state of the van, (having to be jumped because the battery wouldn’t hold charge and the gear wouldn’t automatically shift higher than 2nd gear!) I decided I should just follow them home to continue the jumping.

So I hung out with my Brad, (Ben’s dad) and Molly (Ben’s sister) at the farmer’s market. After a few items sold out, we had an open space. One of us (I can’t remember who…we all would like to claim this idea was our own) had the idea for me to go grab my bag of felted hats from my truck and put them out for people to look at. Free exposure, right? I wasn’t expecting to sell ANY. It turned out people apparently really like my hats. (Yes, Ben’s fam. told me this after the Mountaineer Festival…I didn’t understand.) I ended up selling THREE hats!! I definitely was NOT expecting that! I mean, it’s a FARMER’S MARKET! And hats aren’t vegetables…just in case you’re wondering. I had several people ask to see if I would be back next week with the hats.

Actually, next weekend I will be in McMinville with my mama-in-law at the fall street festival. (I can’t remember its actual title…) It should be a good show. From what we’ve heard, they are expecting somewhere around 17,000 people to come through. Apparently I need to get knitting! I’m down to like 15 hats! My goal is to knit at LEAST 4 more before the weekend. Anyway, it should be a short and sweet show. It’s from 9-5 on Saturday and I’m looking forward to it! The following weekend there’s a show called River Rocks in Chattanooga that we are also hoping to go to. It’s a three day event. I will probably have to take everything out of Art a la Carte though. (Since not much is selling there…) Anyway, it’s exciting! Dana (Ben’s mom) and I are planning on doing as many craft shows as we can get into. There’s actually another one next weekend that’s somewhere else, but since we’re already committed to McMinville, we won’t try to get into the other one. I’m hoping maybe at some point we can get into a First Friday event in Knoxville. That would be fun!

Well I’m off to order some yarn, go to work and spend the rest of the day knitting…and perhaps weaving. I’m working on another scarf that I tied onto the honey colored shawl warp. I’m using Simply Soft knitting yarn which has quite a bit of drape. Fingers crossed that it turns out well!