Project ideas…

I think I need to make out a list of projects I want to do…I can’t keep them all in my head.

Weaving Projects
First I need to finish the scarf currently on my loom.

Tie on one last painted warp scarf.

Sample blanket using knitting yarn. (Gotta see if this idea will work)

Silk shawls/scarves? (Since I have all this silk…)

More placemats (That are actually long enough this time…)

Table runners (red/white overshot?)

Bath mat (yarn needs to be dyed first)

Boucle scarves (they shoot out so quick!!)

Canvas weave something… Ohhhhhh! Lauren made a BEAUTIFUL canvas weave scarf in a natural wool.

Knitting Projects
Star crossed berets using ANY worsted weight non-wool yarn I have. 🙂 …Obsess much?? umm yes.

More felted hats to sell.

Leg warmers. 🙂 This is something my sweet sister-in-law has been wanting to do. I’m hoping we can do the project together when we find her some circular knitting needles!


Oven Mitts

Fingerless gloves

Felted house shoes! Completely determined to make this happen SOMEHOW!

I’m sure I’ll think of more…But at least I got SOME ideas down somewhere. If only I could get mom’s kiln running then I could add ceramic projects to this list…


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