Cabled Beret…My new favorite accessory

I found the pattern for this lovely little hat on Ravelry.
I have yet to take pictures of my own version, but here’s the original.
View from back
View from top.

I have already made two of these! In just a weekend! I made one in a lovely tan/cream color and another in black. I used Caron yarn’s Simply Soft which is, amazingly, soft. I find it amazingly soft because I usually expect acrylic yarn *shudder* to be nasty and itchy. Anyway, I’ll try to post pictures of my own version. 🙂 I am in love with it. I wore it for two days straight after I finished it. Ben thinks I’m a leetle loony, but that’s okay. I’m planning on making two more in a gray and a gray-ish blue. I am completely determined to memorize the pattern for this hat so I can knit a bunch up really quick and possibly have them to sell at some point… Urrghh…probably not before festivals next month though.


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