Oops! I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’ve been pretty busy though. I started back to work (even though it’s completely temporary) yesterday. I’m back at my dad’s office sorting out all the billing/collections stuff. Everything has to be in order by October 1, so I’m working the rest of this month and through September.

I seriously dislike office work because it’s really boring. About the only thing that keeps me entertained is office interactions (aka drama) and hilarious patients that are completely ridiculous. My mother-in-law said she’s glad I’m going back to work cause she misses hearing all the stories about office drama. lol. I love her. She cracks me up.

Anyway, the upside to me being back at work is that since I only work part time, I can be home to work on more crafting stuff. I seriously need to get some scarves together before Fun Fest. And I really should probably finish those woven bags I started. I have all the liners matched with the fabrics, now I just have to decide which bag design I want to go with…ugh…Sometimes I hate making decisions.

Ohh! I finished one of the painted warp scarves. Remember this warp?? Well it’s a scarf now. And it’s LOVELY!! I did plain weave and used 8/2 black Tencel for the weft so that it would visually blend and keep the dark tones rather than lightening it with yellow, green, aqua or white. It looks really good. šŸ™‚ I’m quite pleased.

I had originally thought I’d just tie on another painted warp (I have two more to weave up) but now I wonder if I should weave up some boucle scarves?? I don’t know.

I could never understand why anyone would want or need more than one loom, but whenever it gets to be fall and I have Fun Fest and now this pioneer festival thing coming up, I think, “Why oh WHY don’t I have more than one loom I can dress?!” lol. Maybe someday my dream of owning a Baby Mac in addition to Mac will come true.

Still no progress has been made towards converting Mac to an 8 shaft loom. What it comes down to is I need both looms in the same room (a feat in itself) so that I can go back and forth between them to figure out what I need to do. As it is now, it’s a bit difficult to run down to the basement and look at the parts loom and then run back up to look at Mac. Not to mention that because my mom’s loom is in the same room I have to move everything around just to be able to get to the front and back of mine. If only we would have moved the couch first…C’est la vie.

We celebrated my sister’s birthday yesterday. šŸ™‚ Yay!! Pizza, cake, and a good movie: Cold Comfort Farm. I love it. šŸ™‚ Anyway, I didn’t have time to go out and BUY her something because I’ve been at the farm and Tuesday was a horrible day (we didn’t get home until 9:00pm (Having left the house at 6:30am). Well anyway, I was trying to think what I had on hand that I could give her. I decided on one of my wool hats since she’s most likely moving to South Korea next year. My cousin was stationed there for a year or so and he said it gets COLD. I have to say, the hats I make are ridiculously WARM. Like it has to be FREEZING for Ben to even be able to wear his. I had no idea they would be that warm…seriously. This is not bragging. I was in shock. haha. So I gave her one of those and then I crocheted some quick pot holders and a hot pad to make a three piece set. They’re cute and she liked them. I love watching the different patterns develop when using a variegated yarn. One of them looks almost like a houndstooth and another looks like it has an X shape on it. Same yarn, just the variation in the yarn. Awesome. šŸ™‚ Oh she also loved the hat.

I supposed I ought to go work on something. I have 4 or 5 more hats to felt and I need to tie onto that warp!!


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