Winter weather gear

I have lately been trying to knit like a crazy woman!! We’ve been at the farm a lot lately due to family being in town and other stuff going on. Since I cannot weave unless I’m at home I’ve been knitting. Why? Because I have the opportunity to participate in the fall creek falls annual pioneer festival. Ben’s family will have a booth there and asked if i wanted to put anything in. I said I thought it would probably be a good market for my hats. The festival is juried and so on the application you have to put exacty what you plan on having in the booth so they said hand knitted hats and other winter weather gear. 🙂 this way I can include woven scarves too. I would like to get some more boucle yarn so I could weave some up really quick before the show. We’ll see. I’ll have to talk to Ben and see what he thinks. They say something like 15,000 people come through this festival every year. I’m excited about it. I need to talk to my mom about fun feat too since it’s looking like we’re going to be here. I feel unprepared for all these craft shows! But hopefully I can buckle down and get some inventory built up for them. This happened last year too. But I think I have more stuff built up. It’s gonna be a busy month of preparing!!


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