Hit a snag

I am either going to need someone stronger and more mechanically inclined than me or an instruction manual (which does not currently exist) to figure out how to take apart and put back together these looms I have so I can get the new shafts on!!

Until that happens, I’m at a bit of a stand still. Since it appears I have a bit of waiting to do (like for Ben to be able to help me) I decided to try and get a scarf warp on Mac before I make all the big changes. I haven’t gotten very far though. 😦 My back has been really hurting lately (along with my knee which I’ve popped out of joint several times…Actually I’ve popped both knees out several times, but my right knee is currently the one giving me problems.) Anyway, I’m trying really hard to take care of my back and not injure it further. I don’t want to end up with a back so bad that I can’t do anything at all someday. It just sucks because I’m not tired or mentally unable to do this stuff it’s just that it hurts too much to sit at my loom and work! URGH! It’s annoying.

I’m trying to come up with other knitting projects. Having knitted something like 20+ hats, I feel there are other things that I could knit then felt. Oh side note: when you knit to felt it’s actually not referred to as felting. I can’t remember what it’s called but a friend that is doing her senior thesis on felting informed me of this. πŸ™‚

Anyway, the main problem is, I really don’t know much about knitting…like at all. haha. This is because I really just do knit stitched hats. My mom has a book called Knit One Felt Too. I borrowed it a while back but it seemed too complicated and uninteresting to learn something else, but now I’m thinking it could be good. I have a bunch of yarn now and I’m getting a bit tired of knitting hats. Or at least the same type of hat. I’d like to knit the kind that has the ear flaps. πŸ™‚ Those would be fun! Oh and I want to knit house shoes. That would also be fun. These are my knitting goals. Both of those projects are in this book I speak of. I wonder if you could weave house shoes…

Lately when I’ve been typing “I wonder” I’ve been accidentally continuing the word and making it “I wonderful” which makes absolutely no sense. It’s funny how our brains just do stuff like that sometimes. Hmm…What else? I suppose I could knit (and then felt) coffee cup cozies. Like those cardboard things they have at coffee shops for to-go cups, but it would be one you don’t throw away. I’ve seen them before, but they were crochet. I have no idea how to do much of anything besides single crochet, so knitting would be where it’s at. We’ll see. I have to figure something out because I love knitting but I don’t want to make hats anymore!!


One thought on “Hit a snag

  1. Ooh such fun projects you have brewing! I love those hats with the ear flaps. I hope you find a pattern that you like to use. They are so adorable πŸ™‚ And I bet you could knit those coffee-cup cozies… that would be cute. Annndd… do take care of your back. Andd…. ❀

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