Waiting and waiting…

Urrrgghh. I can’t wait for the time to pass!! Today (being Monday, the 19) I am waiting for the weaving books that my mom ordered (and I am sharing) are FINALLY coming after OVER 3 weeks!!! I guess Interweave Press is slow or something. I may have said this before, but how is it that I got a book from CHINA in a week but it takes 3 WEEKS to get several books to me from Colorado?? This makes no sense to me. I’m using too much punctuation.

Well anyway, that will help me decide exactly what I want to put on my loom as my first 8 shaft project, which brings me to waiting item #2! MY NEW LOOM!! Which really isn’t going to be a loom, rather more shafts for my current loom and then I’ll hopefully be selling the frame for some amount of money.
Anyway that’s happening Wednesday. I bought it from a guy a week and a half or two weeks ago and my brother is bringing it up with him THIS WEEK!! I have been kinda nervous since I bought it that, for some reason or another, it won’t work out. Like it’ll fall off the truck or it will turn out to be the wrong size or if it is the right size it won’t be possible to use the shafts on my loom. All these thoughts!! I’ll be ready for that saga to be over.

The next thing that I’m waiting for ALSO comes Wednesday. After calling the post office and FedEx, I found out that they WILL be forwarding my package that I accidentally shipped to my old apartment to my parents house. Yay!! I’ve also been a bit concerned about that. I’m so glad to know that I don’t have to think about it anymore. I just get to be excited when it comes. šŸ™‚

I didn’t get much done over the past two days. But that’s partially due to the fact that my back has been hurting quite a bit. I hunch when I sit at my sewing machine and I’ve been sewing a lot lately…Anyway, I decided to take a break for a day on Saturday and not do much. And then Sunday, Ben and I overslept and missed church so we turned the morning into British TV day. We watched a bunch of episodes of The IT Crowd and Primeval. (Two of our favorite British TV shows) Then when my parents got home, we had a Unit and Moonlight marathon (Two shows we’ve been watching together) and so basically, I spent all of Sunday in front of the tele. haha. But that’s okay. My back really needed to recover. It had gotten to the point where nothing made it feel better. Heating pad, pain reliever or alcohol; nothing worked.

Anyway, my plan for this week is to switch the shafts over, start an 8 shaft project and sew at least one more bag from my hand woven and hand dyed fabrics. I am looking forward to it. I have to clean the house up first though. Mom wants it clean before my brother gets here. I figured I’d be her little house elf and help her out a bit. Cleaning reeeealllly doesn’t sound fun right now though…


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