Productive day? I think yes.

I’ve been feeling productive today. After yesterday’s frustrations, I really needed a good day. So far I have:
Run errands in town
Made one of the smoothest cheesecakes I’ve ever made.
I’m halfway through sewing another bag (With my “inspired” idea from yesterday. haha)
Scoured more fabric
Currently dyeing more fabric (should be ready to rinse soon)

My mom said she thinks I should be able to sell one of the mock ups I made. She said it’s that nice. 🙂 That was encouraging. Also, she wasn’t mad at me for cutting the fringe on her table runner. She was really sweet and said we can most likely find a way to fix it. How do moms always know exactly what to say? I hope someday I will too.

The fabric I dyed came out beautifully (Finishing this post a couple hours later). I used the last of the fuchsia dye I had and some of the “blurple” and combined them. It’s a good combo. I think it’ll give the liners for the bags I’m working on the pop I was looking for. I have been sketching some ideas and I think I have a few more I want to try. I really like my “slouchy” bag. (The one I finished today) It turned out well. I still have to adjust the strap a bit because it hangs a little weird on one side and I have to attach the braid and button closure. I didn’t get to it today because my back’s a bit tired. It shouldn’t take long to do those two things though.

Hopefully the cheesecake will sell tomorrow at the farmer’s market. I also would like to make another bag tomorrow. We’ll see.
I can’t wait for my knitting yarn to get here…And my loom!! 🙂 Hopefully I won’t have too much trouble getting the shafts off the new one and onto Mac. Anyway, I’m happy with all the work I’ve done today. 🙂


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