I don’t know how to say this….Another friend will be joining my weaving family soon. 🙂 I BOUGHT A LOOM!! *lol* no. Seriously. I did. It’s the exact same thing as Mac. The reason behind buying it is to use the parts from it to upgrade Mac. 4 more shafts, 6 more treadles, a reed (although I’m not sure how many dents per inch yet because the guy didn’t know) and anything else I can possibly scavenge off of it!

Okay here’s how it happened:
I have been looking on Craigslist for Macombers ’cause Ben and I decided a while back that it really would make a lot more sense to just buy a whole ‘nuther loom rather than buy the parts that I want/need to make Mac an 8 shaft loom. I’d really only been looking for about a week or two and I found one that was in Jackson, MS (where my bro lives) Also, the thing was only $600 dollars…CHEAP. I didn’t consider it at first cause I thought it was bigger than mine so I left the add alone for a week (also it’s been up since June 5, so I thought it had probably already sold). Anyway, I ended up emailing the guy to see if he still had it because I re-read the add later and measured my loom and realized it was the same size.

The guy said he did indeed still have it and said he was willing to come down to $500! SCHWAT?! Awesome. That’s what. I called my brother and asked if he would be willing to do me two HUGE favors: Pay the guy (once I found some way of transferring money to him) and pick it up. Okay, I guess it’s three favors cause I also asked him to bring it with him when he’s passing…um…near TN to go to a wedding in OH. Sooooo he, being the sweet brother that he is, agreed and he just called me to let me know he’s picked it up and is going to leave it at the church he works at for next week and then bring it up with him the next Wednesday, the 21st. ACK! I’m soo happy!! It’s gonna be a lot of fun to try out all these new, crazy things that I couldn’t do before. I’m a bit intimidated (like I always am) but I am confident that I can teach myself how to use 8 shafts and 12 treadles. 🙂

Here’s a picture of the new loom that is coming soon!


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