And not the pirate kind of argh. The frustrated kind. Although, if I think about it, this whole thing is becoming a bit ridiculous and hilarious. I finally got to the actual weaving part of this yardage project and guess what happened? The denting sequence didn’t work…AT ALL. Oy… Not all of the ends were getting woven in so it was creating these huge floats that are NOT supposed to be there. Also, I discovered that I’d skipped a dent right in the middle and I didn’t like how loose it was.

So I pulled everything out of the reed and went back to the drawing board. I ended up using another denting sequence that gives me a sett of 25 epi. This SHOULD fix all of the aforementioned problems: The ends are mixed (i.e. not dented by gauge anymore) and should all get woven in when I treadle. No dents were skipped this time and it’s sett tighter now giving me less openness and making the warp more visible. (Which is what I want because I spent all that time dyeing it!!)  Hopefully it’ll just be a matter of tying back onto the apron rod and then we’ll be good to go.

Another bit of irony: The warp is now the width that I wanted it to be to begin with.


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