Ongoing Yardage Project

I’ve been working on threading today. I’m trying to pace myself and take things slow so I don’t continue to hurt my back. It’s annoying because I really hate doing things slow, but I’d rather my back didn’t hurt constantly like it does when I dress the entire loom in one day.

I discovered that I have somewhere around 420 ends now. I was originally planning for 342. Oh my. I also was planning a project that was 18 inches wide. Well it’s now 22.25 inches wide. Again, oh my. I think it’ll be okay though. It gives me more fabric to work with so perhaps I can try different things. I hope it’s not difficult to wind on. It’s a lot of warp to hold onto.

Ugh…I should probably go finish the last 3 or 4 inches of threading. At least I know I’m capable of handling that many ends. I’d really like to weave blankets. We’ll see. Maybe someday. I’m just afraid of using up all my yarn….Which is ridiculous because that’s why I BOUGHT it in the first place. Too bad it would be a complete pain in the butt to use 10/2 cotton for a blanket. I have a lot of that. It would be at least 1200 ends. I don’t even have that many heddles on my shafts!

Speaking of which, I really want to buy new heddles for my loom. I currently have the flat steel ones and I was coveting the inserted eye heddles on the Macs at school this past semester. Unfortunately, I’d have to get them from Macomber (it’s slightly more complicated cause they don’t have a website) because no where else sells 13″ heddles. (at least not that I’ve found)

I’ve been jonesing (Is that the right word?) to buy more yarn again. I get the itch every few months. I try really hard to stay away from yarn sites. I’m still drooling over the pima cotton from R&M Yarns that Lauren made that lovely M&O blanket out of. Why didn’t I know about this beautiful yarn when it was super on sale at the beginning of the year?! She said it was $4 dollars a pound and it comes in 8 pound cones and she bought like 8 of them or something. I was so jealous. It’s wonderful stuff. It’s like kinda stretchy and comes in a lovely natural shade of cream. *sigh* maybe someday.

I am truly enjoying how the warp on my yardage project is turning out. I was initially kind of concerned how it was going to look mixing solid colors with painted warp and that part of it was going to be white and part was going to be more orange/red. But thus far I like it. I suppose we’ll see what happens when I tie on and beam the warp. Eek!!

OH! Did I mention that mom and I went to Mid South Ceramics in Nashville?? Well…we did. haaa. Anyway, we bought 100 lbs of clay (which is gonna go pretty fast) and some bats and some….well…it’s like clay stain or something. Not slip. I think you put some of the powder on the clay when you’re wedging it to give it interesting colors. We don’t have any glazes at this point, but we weren’t really sure what we wanted yet cause we need to get the kiln fixed still. The woman at Mid South said we could find out who makes it and call her back and talk about what parts we need to get to fix it. I think we should just take it up there and have them look at it. I was gonna have Vince look at it, but I was too busy last semester to ever get over there with the kiln. Oh well. It’ll happen eventually, I suppose. I really don’t want to wait though….haha.


One thought on “Ongoing Yardage Project

  1. I'm excited to see how your messenger bags come out! That is what you're going to weave with that yarn you had to do all the math with, right? Yay! And… yay clay! ❤

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