Winding of warp….again and again and again…

I recently started working on a warp to make messenger bags. I’m using three gauges of cotton. 3/2, 12/4(?? …It’s basically carpet warp but stretchy-er) and 10/2. I planned on doing a compound denting sequence so I could incorporate the different sizes easily. The 3/2 cotton is singly dented, the carpet warp is double and the 10/2 is triple. It’s in a ten dent reed so it’s a sett of about 19. I wanted to make the things 18 inches wide (approximately) so I figured up 342 ends. Here’s where my math went bad. (I cringe when I think back at this ridiculous mistake)

I simply divided the 342 ends by 3 so that there would be an equal number of each type of yarn…I think it’s fairly needless to say that this did NOT work. Oh my…Weaving is always an adventure with me. I can’t do anything the simple way can I?

Well I get halfway through the first bundle of 3/2 cotton and I’ve run out of the 10/2. I re-did the calculations to figure out what exactly I’d done wrong. Oh my. This took me a while to figure out what happened and how to fix it. Well I recalculated the number of ends needed based on counting how many of each yarn were in one inch. There are 4 3/2s, 8 12/4s and 9 10/2s. Based on that I wound off more warp. I initially wasn’t concerned that I’d run out of the hand dyed 10/2 cotton, but I realized I’d have to dye more of the 12/4 stuff. Okay. No problem. I mixed up some dyes, dyed the yarn in a jiffy and had it all ready to go in an afternoon. (thanks dryer rack. You make my life so easy) Well…I got to nearly the end of the warp before I discovered that I was going to need even MORE 10/2 cotton. I couldn’t figure out what I’d done wrong…Soooo….I would off MORE of the stuff. At this point I WAS concerned because I was running out of the hand dyed stuff. I had some other 10/2 in a solid color that matched well enough so I ended up using that. Buuuuuut….I miscalculated YET AGAIN!! I had to wind off even MORE of the stinkin’ 10/2 cotton!! UGHHHH!!! I did figure out how I messed up the second time. I mistook my calculations to mean that I needed 48 more ENDS not 48 more PAIRS. Anyway, the mess is all sleyed in the reed. I just have to thread everything. Who knows when that’ll happen. I’d like to work on it today, but I’m not sure I’ll get a chance. 

I’m making a cheesecake for one of our good friends that’s coming into town tonight and I’ve been running errands and stuff all day. I also got up too early and then I ran too so I’m sleepy. Perhaps I’ll take a nap and then work on it some more. Threading can’t be anywhere NEAR as bad as sleying! UGH!!


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