Orange silk

I gots some orange silk on my loom and ready to be woven. 🙂 I’m gonna weave up two scarves in the undulating twill I used with the rayon. I’m pretty excited. I will be using Tencel as the weft in a yellow/green and an aqua. Hopefully they’ll be as pretty as I think they will be. I love the silk. It’s so wonderfully light and completely different than any other fiber I’ve worked with. But if you’re gentle with it, it’s not difficult to manage.

I must admit, I’m missing cotton though. I love cotton because it’s just so dang tough! I may try to weave something up in cotton soon. I’d really like to do some painted warps with cotton, but all I have is 10/2 cotton in white and that’s pretty small. I could just do skeins of it or balls of it and use it more as an accent.

My mom made a good point that I should really try to weave more fabric for messenger bags since I have so many scarves at this point. Although I’m still planning on weaving up the remaining scarf warps before I start on bags. But perhaps I’ll use the rest of the dye I have to dye some cotton. 🙂 Painted warp messenger bags are quite lovely if I do say so myself…And I do. 😀

I’ll have to figure out something interesting for the strap. I really like my orange and green one best. (It matches the bag) But I did really like the brown ones with the embroidery stitch from my sewing machine…Decisions, decisions. haha.

I guess we’ll see what happens! 🙂 Hopefully later this week.


One thought on “Orange silk

  1. Yay silk! I would like to feel it… I mean how it feels in yarn form versus… finished form. (Hi, I'm not articulate…) And I'm excited to see what you come up with for the rest of the scarves and messenger bags! Yay!

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