More dyeing!

I finished off the rest of the dyes I mixed up last week. I dyed several more balls of yarn and a skein too. It’s been a lot of work! I remembered that reds, oranges and pinks (aka ANY of the warm colors) are ridiculously difficult to wash out. Boooo! So my back is a bit tired right now. I ended up throwing the whole lot into the washing machine in stockings (aka: panty hose…Is that spelled right??)

Anyway, I shall try to get pictures of them soon, but my camera batteries are currently dead as a doornail.

I DID begin weaving on the orange silk warp…Once I completely re-sleyed the reed in order to make the sett closer. 20 EPI is TOO loose for 20/2 silk. πŸ˜€ This I learned. So now it’s at 25 EPI and looks much better.

I wasn’t really liking how the Tencel looked with the warp. It was too shiny and slippery. SO I decided to wind two colors onto a bobbin at the same time to see what that did…I think I’m in love. I will be using brown silk and a teal 20/2 cotton together as my weft for the first scarf (which will now have to be shorter due to sampling on the front bit of the warp). But that’s okay. I’m happy with it. I believe I’ll either be doing double teal or teal and royal blue for the second scarf’s weft. I’m purty excited about it. πŸ™‚ Again, I’ll try to post pictures soon. Can you believe we’re COMPLETELY out of AA batteries?? Mom always used to keep TONS in the house. But that was back when everything used AA batteries. Now everything has its own charger. Oh how times have changed. haha.


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