Blast from the past – Nightmare yarn

Yes, I haven’t blogged for a while. Sorry. Nothing interesting has really happened. Until now. 
So my uncle recently gave my mother and I some yarn. Here’s what it looks like:
(Hand added for scale)

Here’s how I feel about the color and fiber content…

It reminds me of something horrible out of the 70’s.

So I started thinking….

And then suddenly!!

An idea came. I could potentially use this hideous yarn for upholstery fabric. I also definitely need to do something about the color because it’s far too bright. My camera couldn’t even handle it. It kept turning it purple. I had to put it on the “food” setting so I could control the red/blue of the image.
I hate that it’s polyester, but I think if the color was toned down or changed completely, I might be more okay with it. I’ve decided to keep it for now and just mess around with it. If I can’t make it work, no harm done. I have 8 CONES of the stuff!! I calculated the approximate weight of each cone and compared it to a similar gauge yarn and I estimate that I have about 120 MILES of the stuff. (My mother ALSO has 120 miles of her own) Yes. We have 17 cones. (And yes, I realize I’m not accounting for the 15 miles of the other cone. We’re not sure whose that is yet.)
So this shall be my play yarn. I can practice lots of things with it. All I can say is I’m looking forward to getting the sample OFF my loom and using something less bright and of a bit higher quality. Like…silk. ๐Ÿ™‚


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