Moving, moving, moving

I am SOOO sick of MOVING!! Now I know why people just have “moving day”. Because then it’s all overwith in a DAY!! I’ve been moving for THREE days now and I’m getting pretty worn out. 😦

We moved my loom over to my parents house and…well…there’s not much room for it. I keep forgetting my camera to take pictures of everything but honestly, I don’t want to remember all this packing and moving and frustration!! Then I won’t be so reluctant to move again (hopefully by the end of the summer).

Anyway, I’m not sure what I’ll do about the fact that I don’t even have enough space to dress my loom at this point. That’s one of the few downfalls of a Mac. In order to really be able to get at the heddles to thread them, you have to be able to fold down the back beam to the floor. Otherwise it’s very awkward and uncomfortable.

I really need to work on being more ergonomic when I weave. I was reading an article (or maybe a book) by a weaver (Possibly Sharon Alderman, but I can’t remember right now) and she said that she injured her back from years of weaving and had to have back surgery. Well…My back’s already messed up. Not bad, but it hurts a lot after I weave and especially after I dress the loom. I’m just wondering what the most efficient and comfortable way to dress a loom is. Granted, I usually try to do the whole thing in one sitting instead of breaking it up, but that doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. Anyway, I got scared when I read that and freaked out that I’m gonna have to have back surgery now because I’m not careful. I also need to learn a way to stretch my back so that when it DOES get sore and tired, I can actually DO something about it. I think yoga might help.

It’s nice to at least get to think about weaving stuff even if I can’t do it yet. I feel like my entire summer is getting away from me and I won’t have any time to weave! Which isn’t true at all…It’s not like I have school in the fall to keep me from weaving. It may just be that I don’t get to do much on the loom over the summer. I just have to get through this week and then things will normalize a bit.



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