I'm graduated!!

I’m officially Alumni!! 😀 I’m proud of myself and Ben!! It was so fun getting to sit together and walk one right after the other in line. Our families made some NOISE!! 🙂 And we skipped out early. Wonderful!! The final “stick it to the man”!! haha.

They told us at rehearsal on Thursday that we were not allowed to wear anything over our robes that did not pertain to academia. I chose to wear a hand woven scarf that I made to demonstrate that I am I weaver and craftsperson. Take that TTU!! Whatcha gonna do about it?! It was pretty funny, one of the guys in our row actually asked me what honors society it was for and I said, “It’s because I’m a weaver. I made it.” He was impressed. I wore it proudly. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some of the pictures my mom and other people took and I can post them on here for you to see! Well I must go for now! Graduation party in just a little while!!


One thought on “I'm graduated!!

  1. Haha that's AWESOME that you wore a handwoven scarf of yours! I love it 🙂 Have fun tonight 🙂 "I am pleased that this good this has happened to you."

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