Sad days

My last final critique was yesterday morning. I cried. A lot. One of the other girls in my class did her project based around her feelings towards weaving and her artist’s statement was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard written about weaving. It described every bit about how I feel and how much I LOVE weaving. Leaving the studio yesterday was really hard. I felt out of place and completely at home at the same time. I knew it was not mine anymore and I had to let it go but it hurts so much because that place has meant so much to me over the past three years.

I’ve met so many friends, been through so much, learned so much and saying goodbye breaks my heart. I shall never forget it and the things that I’ve learned or the people I’ve met. I didn’t think I’d be so emotional about this. I am ready to leave Tech, but the Craft Center is completely different. I love the smells of each studio. I shall miss the hallway behind the fibers studio. I shall miss the sounds of the weaving studio; squeaking looms, pounding beaters and the ever present clatter of a bobbin releasing yarn as it is thrown across a shed. I shall deeply miss the lined up tables of the surface studio. Each table representing someone and their work, unique and beautiful. I shall miss the bonding with people over working on projects together.

I shall miss walking down that long hallway and down those stairs to get to the wood studio. The smell of the wood studio is so comforting and familiar. Each wood has a unique smell. I shall miss being able to look down the window at the wood studio as I pass by and see what they are working on.

I shall deeply miss the clay studio. The smell of a cave, the ever present chill from concrete floors and cold, wet clay. I love the feeling of a ball of clay in my hand, just waiting to be molded or thrown into a shape or form. I have learned so much from the people of that studio.

I shall miss the feeling of being apart of a place so small but so special and unique. I shall miss the feeling of community, family and comradery.

I hope I can carry on in my craft and uphold the standards of craftsmanship and good design that I have been taught over these years. I hope I can be successful. I shall always look back at my time at the Craft Center fondly and remember how much it has meant to me. I shall miss it dearly.



One thought on “Sad days

  1. Aww, this is a lovely commemorative post! 🙂 Such a bittersweet time for you. ❤ You described the Craft Center beautifully, and made me want to craft there. 🙂

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