Sneaky Pete

I am a Sneaky Pete. I’m not even sure if that’s a phrase, but I just made it one!!

We’re still putting together our fabric garden for our final crit tomorrow morning!! I ended up weaving up about 11 yards of the cloque I mentioned in another post. Well…We three girls decided that we HAD to have scarves! But we didn’t want our professor to find out because she’d tell us to cut them up and make them into “moss”. 😦 Too sad. It was traumatic enough cutting up 7 yards of the stuff! (or however much it was after washing…I can’t keep track…)

It’s been chilly here for the past two days. I guess it’s one of those winters we get in the spring. Blackberry Winter, Dogwood Winter….I can’t think of anymore. I could just start naming off trees and berries and adding winter to them.
Anyway, I’m all right with it being chilly because it means I can wear my sneaky, secret scarf. 🙂 It’s not like I could wear a wool scarf in the summer!! Yay for one more chance to wear wool!!

So my plan for the tiny cut up pieces of cloque is to figure out some way of sewing them back together to make a blanket of some kind. It actually may not be enough for that but I’ll figure something out to do with it!! The girls have been so sweet about it and told me I could keep all the pieces. They were so excited about their scarves!! I’m happy I was able to weave it! 🙂

The girl that had volunteered to weave the 8 yards (which was an accident. We were never supposed to have that much) has a completely insane semester this spring along with not much weaving experience. I felt so bad and I wanted to help her out so I ended up weaving her portion. (which I was extremely happy to do!!) I hadn’t woven anything for a few weeks and I was itching to get at a loom. I wove up pretty much the entire 8 yards in one day. It didn’t really take THAT long in the scheme of things. I think it took me somewhere around 6 hours. (Not including breaks to help Ben glue up his table down in the wood studio and a Sonic run during Happy Hour to get a Lemon Berry Slush)

So I had this wonderful idea for what to do with my thrums! (The waste yarn after a project is finished) I was thinking about the concept of knots in the warp and how they are undesirable. No one wants to find a knot in a warp! Well I was going through the thrums barrel at school (because I’m just cool like that) and I found that one of the intro students had thrown their hand painted warp thrums in there! This really isn’t all that strange, but I’m a sentimental idiot and save everything so I saved my thrums from my intro class hoping to one day find something to do with them.

The yarns were not continuous (obviously) so I started thinking about what I could do to make them so. Tie them together!! This leads to the problem of knots in the warp. But I got to thinking, what if the knots were intentional and purposeful? What if the knots were a part of the design of the piece? I’ve decided to make a blanket out of all the thrums I have. 🙂 I actually may not have enough at this point. But I think it’s a wonderful idea. Ben thinks I’m insane because it takes so much time to tie all the little thrums together and then wind them into balls which I can then use for warp. It’s not about the expense of buying yarn for a blanket. I feel wasteful having to cut all that yarn off and throwing it away. It’s perfectly good yarn, it’s just really short. I’ve heard of people making coasters or place mats and other things like that, but I really think this blanket thing could work. I’ll have to sample, of course. I may end up alternating each end with a consistent size yarn. Like I’d put one thrum end and then one 5/2 cotton end from a full cone of yarn. That way the knots would be more spaced out and it would create a more consistent look across the width of the warp.

I think this is a great idea. I don’t plan on selling it because I’m the one that wants my thrums. And what else am I ever going to do with them? Thrums, for me, are like a photo album. I look at them and see the project that they came from and remember the joy and/or struggles of the project. It would be a lovely sentimental piece. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Sneaky Pete

  1. "Sneaky Pete" – I like it 🙂 hehe. That's kind of adorable. And you are SO resourceful, using up those thrums! I get excited about resourcefulness 🙂 I'm interested to see how your blanket comes out!

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