Happy Easter! I like those silly cards or pictures that are a picture of a bunny that says, “Hoppy Easter”. Cute. Anyway just a brief update:

I washed the scarves and the sock yarn scarf is even softer than before. (It’s wonderful) and the acrylic one didn’t soften up AT ALL. So it’s a bust. Mom said the yarn would probably be good for rugs. That’s definitely true…I could cut it up in squares and make a small rug out of it. Like a welcome mat or a bath mat or something. I’ll probably just stow it away somewhere for a long time and then do something with it later. 🙂 But at least I got to experiment.

Future projects:
I’d like to weave with more sock yarn. I really like that stuff. And it weaves up quick.
I would love to try honeysuckle overshot with red and yellow. I was thinking about making a set of place mats using those colors.
Towels. I wove some of the extra warp off into rags when I was weaving the place mats for my senior project and they are wonderful! I’d like to make more. I gots more yarn!!

More dyed warps. I’d like to experiment with “low water-ing” warps and see if I can make it work. I just hate solid shading and messing with laying the whole thing out and painting it on plastic. So perhaps I’ll try it this way.


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