Thoughts on my final fibers final…

First of all, it’s REALLY WEIRD to think this is my last final for fibers…ever…

I am working in a group with two other girls for my final. I’m kind of excited about it. πŸ™‚ The basic premise is creating a fairy tale, child-like garden using fabric and paper alterations and weaving techniques. I don’t have any images or anything to post because we haven’t started anything yet. This is more of a brainstorming session for me.

One of the things we’ve decided we want to do is weave a cloque piece that will resemble moss. So we’ll be using wool and silk in greens and yellows. We’re not really sure how much we need just yet. I’ve done some simple calculations using the weaving calculator I discovered a while ago at Haley Studio. It’s not exactly how I do my weaving calculations, but it gives me a basic idea of how much yarn I will need and all that stuff. It’s super handy. πŸ™‚

So I’ve done some calculations for the woven moss. We’re also planning on sewing flowers out of fabric. My mom lent me this book a while back (which I returned…and now I need again) called Fabric Manipulations. It has all kinds of cool looking stuff in it. I’m probably going to borrow that again and find some versions of flowers. One of the girls pulled out her Anthropologie catalog and we looked through that for some ideas. In the March issue, there was a snake that was woven out of paper. It was pretty cool looking and we’d like to make something like him. We’ve each done some sketches but nothing is certain yet. I think we’re all scared of being too forceful about what we want. But we’re communicating pretty well so far so I think that’s good. And when we’ve sat down and talked about it, we all pretty much want the same things and are all willing to incorporate things that the others want. It’s a big project, but I think it’ll be beautiful if we can pull it off. πŸ™‚

I can’t wait until I have more concrete ideas/pictures/thoughts to share with you. Be looking forward to it!

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