Could I have more mental issues?!

Yes…But we’re focusing on this one.

I think…I’m switching back to Blogger. *lol* I know, ridiculous. If anyone is actually following my blog, they’re probably thinking, “Just make up your mind!!” I think this is it though. (Well…until I need an actual website for studios. Then perhaps I’ll be here)

I’ve decided that for whatever reason, I prefer Blogger. I’m more comfortable with the interface, I can pretty much do everything that I can on WordPress. (Just has different words that mean the same thing. I can even create pages which I didn’t know)

I really like that Blogger is connected to Google. I don’t have to have another account to keep up with. It automatically logs me in to either my email or my blog dashboard when I log into one or the other.

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me as I confuse the every living crap out of my readers and myself.


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