Cool Tools

I recently ordered a fringe twister from Yarn Barn KS and it came today!
I gotta say, I’m beginning to get some pretty cool tools. It’s exciting. Recently I’ve gotten:
A mini end feed shuttle (Oh the ordeal that was!!)
A ball winder – A Royal (brand) from a thrift store for $3 bucks!
A fringe twister – It’s gonna save my poor fingers!
Ben is currently working on building me a bobbin winder. We looked at the one at school and he took some measurements and then made the wood part in about an hour or less. (probably less) It’s made out of Mahogany. Umm…Amazing. I’m so excited. Anyway, he glued it up on Sunday night and then he’s gonna give that part and the plans to his dad so HE can do all the mechanical stuff. Perhaps soon I’ll have my very own, handmade bobbin winder. It’ll be really pretty.
I also have a handmade warping board which I prefer over the LeClerc ones that we have at school. The pegs are closer together and the whole thing is shorter so it doesn’t hurt my back to wind warp off.  Here are some pictures of all the tools that I mentioned. 🙂 Enjoy.



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