Busy little bee

I have been soo busy lately! Sunday Ben and I went to the craft center. He worked on wood stuff (a chair) And I wound off warp…for, like, 4 hours. haaaa… But I’ve got some fun projects coming up.

A painted/dyed rayon scarf warp.

A pattern scarf set in M’s and O’s. (which may lead to a larger M&O project)

An itty bitty scarf or scarf set(?)


I washed the boucle scarf on Sunday and it came out SOO soft!! I LOVE rayon. 🙂 Ben said it looks like it would be really rough, like burlap but then it’s soft. I love that. It’s such a conundrum. And it was super easy. It’s only 10 epi/ppi. I have some red boucle yarn as well and I’d like to try that. I was going to tie back on to the warp, but it pulled out when I cut the scarf off. It’s okay though. It won’t take long to get it back on there. I may try it a bit wider this time…I don’t think more than 7 inches though. 70 ends should be quick to get on there.  Okay…72 ends. That’s easier to divide. And two ends won’t make it that much wider. Oh man! I can’t wait!



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