The big decision

Alright. I think I’ve finally decided…

I am switching over to my WordPress account! I have imported all of my posts from Blogger so everything is still there. I like the idea of being able to further customize my blog. It will probably take a while for me to get used to the interface, but I think it will be a good switch in the long run…

I know, I’ve been though this whole thing once before and I totally chickened out and didn’t do it. But I think I’m doing it for real this time.

Here’s the link:
If you’re following me here, PLEASE continue following me there. I believe it’s still possible to follow it via email updates. I haven’t entirely figured it out yet, but please don’t let that inhibit you from staying up to date with my posts. I think I remember reading somewhere that you could add it to google reader among other things, but I can’t remember where that was…haha. I’ll find it and work out the kinks. 🙂 I just wanted to let you know I’m moving. I’m excited and it will be good.


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